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In this article, I’ll document strategies and insights to help you build a robust B2B SEO strategy that will position any B2B business for growth and visibility in the year ahead, regardless of whether you’re completely starting from scratch or have pre-established authority in search. That last bit is important – not all SEO tactics...

How will Google’s SGE affect B2B website traffic? 

What exactly is SGE? SGE stands for ‘search generative experience’ and it’s been coming for a while. Put simply, it’s the integration of AI-generated answers in search results. To recap, Google unveiled this revolutionary interface change at the I/O 2023 event. At the time, it felt like a shotgun rebuttal to Bing’s integration with Chat GPT,...

What questions should you ask an SEO Consultant?

So you’ve decided to hire an SEO consultant – great. But remember – there are SEO consultants and then there are SEO consultants. Unfortunately, the SEO industry is flooded with ‘opportunistic’ individuals who prey on unsuspecting, well-intentioned, business owners and marketing managers. Due to the nuanced and technical nature of SEO, it’s easy for scammers to...

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