How digital agencies are leading the way with post lockdown practices

October 28, 2020by Michael Alexander

Needless to say, the rise and spread of the coronavirus has changed how we live in 2020 much more than any of us could have expected. In order to quell that spread, drastic measures have been taken to limit physical contact across the globe. As such, many aspects of our lives have been affected, but few have changed quite as much as how we work.

However, while working from home may be new to a majority of us, those that work in a primarily digital environment have been broken the traditional 9 to 5 office-based work long ago and are showing how working flexibly and from one’s own home can be the new norm post-lockdown.

The Rise of the Remote Worker

The most notable change, as mentioned, has been the fact that we’re all working remotely as best as possible now. In order to reduce contact, several physical workspaces have had to close and those that can have been adapting a remote working policy to keep the business running. However, many are now thinking “if we can do it now, why can’t we do it after the lockdown ends?”

There is a wide range of benefits to remote working. People tend to be more comfortable and more productive without a morning commute, and more engaged when they’re trusted to mind their own work. Digital agencies have worked almost exclusively remotely for years now, to the point of even helping businesses making the switch with tips on how to manage a remote team well. But one of the biggest hurdles to remote working amongst employers is trust.

Tiga, a creative marketing agency in Kent stated that “Trust is absolutely key to making remote working effective. Empowering colleagues to work from home and make decisions is essential. For us, we were lucky enough to have cloud based infrastructure in place and have done for a good number of years. The important thing is to make sure everyone still works as a team, daily schedule meetings and informal lunchtime catch ups go a long way in keeping colleagues engaged.”

The new routine

The 9-to-5 of the average office has long been in place. From Monday to Friday, many have gotten used to working to a very restrictive routine. However, some digital agencies have always pushed for flexible work arrangements, be it by working to a four-day weekend, allowing team members to choose their most productive times to work, or using on-call systems to get employees in only when they’re well and truly needed.

The flexibility of the routine has been one of the clearest work-life balance benefits of working from home. Happier, more motivated and engaged employees are more productive, as well as more likely to stick around in the business.

Good news for the bottom line

One of the more unexpected benefits of the way businesses have had to adapt must include the financial savings. For workers, saving money on the commute can free up a lot of their budget, but there are savings for business to make, as well. In particular, many are seeing a reduction in office space requirements, as well as resources and utilities for the office. While some won’t be taking the time to downsize their office during such an uncertain time, it is likely that with the long-term shift towards remote working, many businesses can make major savings by cutting down the space they’re using.

A new normal?

While many business owners are still adapting to the new ways of working catalysed by the lockdown, digital agencies are showing that these arrangements are possible and beneficial, in the long run. It’s hard to say how many businesses will make the switch for good, but a change should be expected.

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