Unranked to 12,983 organic visits a month

The strategy for this site was to carry out extensive keyword research to identify low-competition, but high-conversion intent keywords to quickly rank and generate organic traffic. This is often standard practice for a content-based SEO campaign, however, the success for the campaign was down to the speed at which great content was produced.

SEO budgets are often limited by cash flow restrictions, so monthly SEO campaigns can take longer to bear fruit. However, with this particular site, we decided to front-load the client’s content budget and condense a year’s worth of content generation into 1-2 months.

We opted for this strategy as a result of a number of studies indicating that ‘content velocity’ or the speed at which we can publish very high quality, highly relevant and valuable content can outperform the slow and steady approach.

This strategy, combined with SEO basics such as a sounds technical setup, header and meta data optimisation and the generation of relevant links to key pages of the site resulted in very significant organic traffic improvements, generating thousands of visits and as a result – hundreds of relevant and high-value leads in a short space of time.

It’s noteworthy that the organic traffic generated did not include any brand traffic during this time – the brand was completely unknown in a competitive space.

Also, it’s interesting to see that despite this ‘frontloading’ approach, it still took over 4 months to achieve our first organic visits.

This project successfully proved that significant SEO results can be accelerated and there is a strong argument to frontload SEO efforts to build topical authority as quickly as possible should the client budget allow.

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Organic Leads:
1,670 in 11 months
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